Monday, July 21, 2008

Drugs for dogs WTF??

Yeah you read that right they now got drugs for dogs. They same kind that they give to humans for mental conditions like anxiety and depression and all that. You know the same kind that pretty much every school shooter ends up having gone off of shortly before a rampage? Yup those drugs. Now I know this isnt meth but i thought it would be good to put up a link to so you can take a first hand look at the messed uppedness of this all.

Poor dogs nobody wants to work with you and train you I guess.

Doped Dogs

Saturday, July 19, 2008

True Life Story and Up Date

Okay I got an email from a guy regarding the nazi meth recipe on my site because apparently that link has been busted. He also sent this new recipe which i will go over and have asked him if it is ok to post but i dont think he made it up himself. I am not sure because I dont want to publish BS that is lies so I will look it over but I am very happy some one told me that a link was broke on the site so if you notice one i say speak up because i want the site to work right!

Besides that I also came across a great story by a girl who goes by HeddyBear and I wanted you guys to see it. She was a meth user for many years and is now a mother she even lost her daughter for a time due to how her life went. If you read her story you will see real truth about how life works for those tweaking and what it is all about. She got asked to snitch her dealers and friends and had to run from the law which you might think is bad but hey if you are anyone and the heat is on you even if you are NOT an addict what are you gonna do right? So please check out this true story of a meth user and you will learn a whole lot about that world and what it is all about. Thank you heddybear for sharing that story of your life!

Friday, July 18, 2008

We start this ball rolling!

Okay guys I have been getting some positive feedbacks for my site on crank meth recipes so now I want to do more to help with the things that are going on in the world. I got to tell you since I started out I have been reading like crazy and learning so much about this on more than just a personal level but seeing all going on not just in the states but over the whole world.

What I want to do on this blog is to show different things i come across that i cant go adding to the main site that i run or else ill have a bunch of random things on there. so be sure to follow me here as I learn more and share what i am finding out because this stuff is crazy!! Ill be showing news sites and informational stuff so lets start with a fascinating story about some crystal meth users that i came across the other day.

Now this site is about helping people who are looking to quit using crystal so it may not say what you are wanting to hear depending on who you are and how you think but Im a firm believer in the power of knowledge as ammo in the war against ignorance. So check out the story of five crystal meth users lives

Thats it for now but expect more regular updates!